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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

scores of meters. Under such circumstances, low-altitude air defence missiles specially designed to hit objects flying in low altitudes have become increasingly important. It uses a combination of infrared, television and radar guidance systems, this air defence missile system is under wireless command control all the way, which gives it excellent resistance to passive jamming, active jamming and crustal and meteorological noises. [28]

Type: Surface-to-air Based on: Chinese HQ-7 (FM-90) Missile dimensions: (length) 3.00m; (diameter) 0.156m; (wingspan) 0.55m Launch weight: 84.5kg Operating altitude: 30~5,000m Minimum operating range: 500m Max operating range: 8,600m (400m/s target); 10,000m (300m/s target); 12,000m (slow flying targets) Speed: Mach 2.3 (750m/s) Guidance: Command + electro-optical tracking Warhead: HE-FRAG with proximity fuse Single shot hit probability: 70~80% Radar detecting range: 18.4km Radar homing range: 17km

ZSU-23-4 (Russian/Ukrainian) “ZSU-23-4is a Self-Propelled Anti-Aircraft Gun (SPAAG) featuring a prominent radar dish that can be folded down mounted on a modified PT-76 chassis. ZSU 23-4 Shilka, is capable of acquiring, tracking and engaging low-flying aircraft (as well as mobile ground targets while either in place or on the move). Employed in pairs 200 meters apart, 400 meters behind battalion leading elements, it is commonly used to surpress ATGM launch sites, such as TOW vehicles. The armament consists of four 23mm cannon with a maximum slant range of 3,000 meters. Ammunition is normally loaded with a ratio of three HE rounds to one AP round. Resupply vehicles carry an estimated additional 3,000 rounds for each of the four ZSUs in a typical battery. Recent (October 1997) information details ZSU-23-4 updates/modernization being offered by the Ukrainians that include: a new radar system replacing the GUN DISH radar, plus a sensor pod believed to include day/night camera, and a

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