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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

laser rangefinder; and mounted above radar/sensor pod is a layer of six fire-and-forget SAMs, believed to be Russian SA-18/GROUSE”. [29] “Soviet doctrine supplied the vehicle in a platoon of four to support mechanized or tank regiments in conjunction with medium-range SA-6 and short-range SA-9 teams. The system is very vulnerable to enemy fire; the armour is thin (maximum of 10 mm) and the exposed suspension, wheels, track, radar, and gun barrels can easily be damaged. Shilka units are typically placed near the forward-edge of battle-area (FEBA) but behind the main force. The guns are useful against low-flying aircraft and lightly protected ground targets. With its high rate of accurate fire, the Shilka can even neutralize tanks by destroying their gun sights, radio antennas, etc. The crew numbers four: driver, commander, gunner and radar operator.”[30]

RBS-70 (Swedish) “RBS 70 has been developed as a complete missile system with the potential for being integrated with most wheeled and tracked vehicles. The RBS 70 is superior to other competitive man- portable air defence missile systems. Because of its long intercept range in the head-on sector range, it really belongs to a class other than the VSHORAD. The 4th generation of the RBS 70 system has non-cooled laser transmitter minimising reaction times and logistic support. The 4th generation system incorporates the BOLIDE all-target missile, BORC clip-on thermal imager, a digital IFF Interrogator, a PC-based training simulator and an external power supply for training. In its basic configuration, the RBS 70 comprises a stand, sight and missile. In vehicle applications, the RBS 70 can easily be dismounted and used independently. The BOLIDE missile (also used in the ASRAD-R system) uses a unique un-jammable laser beam riding guidance, providing incomparable accuracy. BOLIDE has an intercept range of 8 km and altitude coverage in excess of 5,000 m. A high capability against small targets such as cruise missiles and UAVs is provided by a unique adaptive proximity fuse function, optimising the initiation point of the warhead. The missile’s combined warhead, with both

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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