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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

An Asymmetric War

Iran's new asymmetrical-warfare plan appears to be both offensive as well as defensive. From the defensive point, the plan aims at neutralizing possible US-led offensives in the western sector, across the Mandali-Ilam (central Iraq-central Iran) axis and southern Iraq.

The Iranian Zagros mountain range offers a natural first line of defence. It has been reported that the RG has constructed new bases at Khorramabad, Pessyan, Borujerd, Zagheh and Malayer in the province of Lorestan, which would assure the logistics of a quarter of a million troops and provide temporary shelter for half a million refugees from the border. These bases are supposedly complementing older ones further west at Sahneh and Kangavar.[37]

To be prepared, IRGC intelligence operatives keep a constant eye on American movements in Iraq. Nawaf Obaid, a researcher with the Saudi National Security Assessment Project, said Iran's elite Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps "has been able to place key operatives in strategic positions in the new Iraqi administration. These include the office of the prime minister, the ministries and local governorships that have a majority-Shi'ite population." In addition, Mr. Obaid said, the IRGC has established an intelligence directorate "devoted exclusively to monitoring the movements of U.S. and allied forces in Iraq." [38]

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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