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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

Although most of the preparations have been defensive, Iranians may not wait for an attack and push into Iraq and Afghanistan. Afghanistan because of its mountainous terrain is perfect for Asymmetric warfare. It is also much easier to engage American forces close to Iranian borders than farther a-field. It is also very likely to equip anti-American tribes with weapons such as advanced anti-tank missiles, shoulder fired Misagh II missiles, anti-armour sniper rifles, anti-body armour bullets for AK-47s etc. Jus this alone can wreak havoc on the US/Nato forces in Afghanistan.

Iran may also arm the Baluchi tribesmen in Pakistan. US has three bases in Baluchistan area of Pakistan bordering Iran. The US says that it has these bases because of its war on Terror and Al Qaeda in neighbouring Afghanistan. But with the recent killing of a Baluchi tribal chief by the Pakistani forces and continuing low-level insurgency in the area, the Baluchies can easily be persuaded to target the Americans as well. Similarly, it is expected that upon the start of the war the IRGC and Basij forces will cross into Iraq and join the Shiite insurgents, bringing with them all the needed weaponry. The war will be fought all over the southern parts of Iraq with the main aim of cutting-off the American supply lines from south in Kuwait and north from Turkey. The irregular forces and insurgents will try to engage the US forces in the cities and town, using their anti-tank weapons to inflict heavy casualties on the opposing forces. American forces rely heavily on their armour, and it is this armour that is targeted by the IRGC and the irregular forces.

The IRGC (and Basij), for some times now, have been training in asymmetric mobile anti- armour tactics. Iranians have equipped a large part of their irregular forces with motorcycles, jeeps with anti-tank weapons (TOW), Iranian made Katyusha multiple rocket launchers and tactical Missiles. Motorcycles are indispensable in combat operations where there are no clear-cut line dividing opposing forces or when it is necessary to rapidly and covertly arrive at a designated place, engage the enemy and escape a retaliatory blow.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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