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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

The 9M113M missile has a tandem warhead with an extended nose probe to defeat explosive reactive armour before the main warhead initiates to penetrate 750 to 800 mm of main armour. Missile has a semiautomatic control system with command transmission by wires. Missiles are supplied in sealed containers placed directly on the launcher. [44]

RAAD-T “Iran makes a copy of the Russian AT-3 9M14M (Sagger or Ra’ad) anti-tank guided missile. An improved version of RAAD missile, RAAD-T missile, incorporates a tandem warhead armament system and due to new airframe, its manoeuvrability increased considerably. Irrespective of the year and place of production, all versions of RAAD missiles can be upgraded to the new version. The RAAD-T weapon system is a portable anti-tank guided missile, which is used to attack any armoured fighting vehicle including those with Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA). In field operations, only by one ground guidance equipment, up to four missiles on their launchers can be shot, each in every 30 seconds. The system Safety and Arming Device (SAD) provides a high level of safety during the transportation and handling besides a reliable arming in operation. It is transported in new packing and tested with new equipment. By impacting the target, even at high angles of attack, explosion of the front charge, will remove the Explosive Reactive Armour (ERA) and after a delay time, the main charge will be exploded and the tank distrusted.” [45] RAAD has a range of +3 km and can penetrate +800 mm armour.

NADER It is a 44 mm anti-tank rocket with a range of 400 m and has the ability to penetrate 30 cm of armour

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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