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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

installed on the small fast attack ships that hide and attack whenever the opportunity presents itself.

To clear the shores of these missiles, the US has to invade the southern part of Iran. To clear the islands, it has to occupy them. To do these things, US has to first clear the entire Persian Gulf of over 1500 small IRGC vessels, requiring a large assemblage of naval forces in the area; which incidentally have to pass through the Strait of Hormuz. All this will take time and a lot larger American force that is present in the area. The eventual American casualties will also be high, since the enemy will shoot back. This naval war will be time consuming. And this is what the Iranians will play for. They know that the world economy can not go through an extended period without oil.

The time it takes for the Americans to defeat the Iranians and occupy the southern shores of Iran will be long and this will send the oil prices to astronomical level, causing a world-wide economic depression. There is also the possibility that the Chinese decide to transport their oil in their own tankers, creating the possibility of a clash with the Americans in the Arabian Sea or Gulf of Oman (highly unlikely but possible. Another problem is the especial forces of the IRGC navy that have been training hard for sabotaging the oil installations along the coast. These forces have small midget submarines and other equipment purpose built for such operations. Neutralising these will also be time consuming and difficult. Now let us look at some of the missiles that the Iranians will be using in the Persian Gulf.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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