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US vs Iran

NOOR Anti-Ship Missile (Reversed Engineered C-802 with better radar)

Noor is based on/copy of the Chinese C-802 cruise missile which in turn is an advance version of the French Exocet missile, marketed for use against naval escort vessels. According to its manufacturer, the China National Precision Instrument Import- Export Corporation, the C-802 is characterized by `mighty attack capability, great firepower.' It has a range of 120 km [75 miles] and a high explosive warhead of 165 kg [363 lbs.]. Hezbollah used the Iranian version to destroy the Israeli SAAR-5 class Warship of the Lebanese coast in August 2006. The Noor has been modified to be carried by Iran’s Su-24 fighter bombers. Iranian Revolutionary Guard Navy is believed to possess at lest sixty C-802 missiles aboard 15 Chinese and French missile boats. Land-based Variant: Iran is believed to be have an undetermined number of C-802 missiles which are mounted on Transporter- Erector-Launchers [TELs]. Since early 1990s Iran has been constructing tunnels and other fortifications along its Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman coastlines for accommodating these launchers. Thousands of U.S. servicemen and women are potentially within range of these missiles. “On April 11, 1997 Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Robert Einhorn told the Senate Governmental Affairs Committee, `These cruise missiles pose new and direct threats to deployed U.S. Forces.' During 1996 Admiral Scott Redd, Commander-in-Chief of the U.S. Fifth Fleet declared the missiles to be a `360 degree threat which can come at you from basically anywhere at sea in the gulf or out in the Gulf of Oman.'” [48]

Codename: Noor Type: Surface-to-sea

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

Hybrid War

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