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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

Existance: Confirmed Based on: Chinese C-802 Anti-Ship Missile Max. range – 120 km. Min. range – 10 km. Warhead weight – 165 kg. Missile weight – 714 kg. Length – 6329 mm. Diameter – 360 mm. Propellant type – liquid. Engine: turbojet with paraffin-based fuel to replace the original solid rocket engine.

Original amount purchased: 60 Amount domestically produced: Unknown

RAAD Anti-Ship Missile (HY-2) In 2004, the Iranians announced that they were developing a long-range version of the Silkworm, the "Raad” that had a stretched fuselage and a turbojet or possibly turbofan engine. The Iranians have developed their own small turbojet, the "Tolloue 4". Although details of the Raad are unsurprisingly scarce, it is believed to have triple the range of the Silkworm, and very plausibly may be used for attacks on surface targets as well as ships.”[49]

Codename: RAAD Type: Surface-to-sea Existance: Confirmed Based on: Chinese HY-2 Anti-Ship Missile Original Amount Purchased: 80(?) Amount domestically produced: Unknown

SPECIFICATIONS Length: 7.48 m Diameter: 0.76 m Wingspan: 2.4 m Weight: 2,998 kg Warhead: 513 kg shape charged high-explosive Propulsion: One liquid rocket engine and one solid rocket booster Max Speed: 0.8 Mach (Iranian RAAD claim 1 Mach) Max Range: 135-200km (Chinese HY-2) 300miles (Iranian RAAD own version) Flight Altitude: 30-50 m Guidance Mode: Inertial and monopulse active radar Single Hit Probability: 70%

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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