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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

NASR Anti-Ship Missile “Suspicion that China’s Hongdu may be helping with Iranian aircraft design follows from its proven willingness to help Iran develop new tactical missiles. At the 2004 Zhuhai Airshow it was revealed that Hongdu and Iran had developed two tactical missiles that could be used for anti-ship or precision ground-attack missions. These included the 35km range radar-guided Nasr (JJ/TL-6B) and the 18km range optically-guided Kosar (JJ/TL-10A). China has already sold Iran the means to make larger 120km range Noor, a copy of the YJ-82/C-802 anti-ship cruise missile.”[51]

FAJRE-DARYA Anti-Ship Missile There is very little known about this missile. It is believed that this missile is a air launched version of Kosar anti-ship missile.

Type: Air-to-sea Optically guided Amount in Possession: Unknown There are of course other anti-ship missiles which Iran has bought from Russia and China which there is very little information about. For us, however, it is important to note that the missiles listed above are manufactured in Iran, which basically makes the country self- sufficient in its anti-ship missile system needed for asymmetric war in the Persian Gulf. We shall now look at a number of Iranian small fast attack boats that are going to be hard to find and destroy.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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