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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

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    of efforts to rally the public behind a policy of confrontation and "regime

change" in Tehran. While they have insisted that such a policy is best pursued through political and other forms of support for non-violent opposition forces in Iran, they have also called on the administration to prepare to carry out a preemptive attack against Tehran's nuclear facilities before President George W Bush leaves office, if not sooner.” [8]

It seems that no one in this administration has learnt anything from the Iraq misadventure. They are performing the same Iraq song and dance routine to prepare people for what is to come. This administration knows that the world knows that Iran has no connection to Al Qaeda. It can not use Al Qaeda again as it did with Iraq. So it has been forced to create Al Qaeda 2, to somehow fool the American people once again.

“For the first time, Mr Bush explicitly said the threat from Shiite extremism

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    coming from Iran and from Hezbollah - was as great as the terrorism threat

posed by groups like al-Qaeda…. With an approval rating at about 40 per cent and more than 50 per cent of Americans saying the Iraq war is not part of the fight against terrorism, Mr Bush remains determined to connect the two and imply that Democrats are not serious about national security.” [9]

It is interesting to note that 50 percent of Americans STILL believe that Iraq war is part of the fight against terrorism. It just shows the power of the US propaganda (for more information on this read Great Deception: The propaganda that we pay for). It is not therefore surprising to see that this administration still believes that the same old tricks can work again.

But now finally the senate intelligence committee has released its report on alleged Iraqi connection/support of Al Qaeda. There was no connection. It was all a LIE. Let us hope that those 50% that still believe Iraq had anything to do with terrorism see the truth.

“Washington - There is no evidence confirming that toppled Iraqi President Saddam Hussein had a relationship with Abu Musab and his al- Qaeda associates, according to a senate report on pre-war intelligence that Democrats say undercuts President George W Bush's justification for going to war. …

It discloses for the first time an October 2005, assessment by the central intelligence agency (CIA) that prior to the war Saddam's government "did

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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