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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

Shahab means Meteor-3 or Shooting Star-3 in Farsi. This missile has a range of 200 – 450 km with a payload of 1000 kg. (SCUD B type) Shahab-2 This missile has a range of 500-700 km with a payload of 1000 kg. (SCUD C type) Samid 1 A small ballistic missile based on a reduced Scud design Shahab-3 This missile and has a range of 1300-1500 km with a payload of ca 1000 kg. Shahab-3D The Shahab-3D has a range of 1500 to 2000 km. There are rumours that Shahab-3D is actually the first stage of a space booster “IRIS” that Iran is developing to launch satellites into space.

“Iran is committed to the development of the space booster "IRIS". The IRIS launch vehicle apparently consists of the No-dong/Shahab-3 first stage with a bulbous front section ultimately designed to carry an additional second stage solid motor as well as a communications satellite or scientific payload. The IRIS launch vehicle is a space related derivation of the Shahab-3 ballistic missile. A launch vehicle of this configuration is ideal as a vertical probe sounding rocket for ballistic missile warhead re-entry vehicle development. It would almost certainly not be capable of launching a satellite of appreciable mass or capability unless it were intended to be a second and third stage of a larger launch vehicle. If the Shahab-3D launch was an IRIS launch vehicle test, then it was the first flight test of the Taep'o-dong-2/Shahab-5 second and third stages part of a space booster concept that Iran is said to be developing. The IRIS launch vehicle concept was first seen on public displays in model form in an Iranian aerospace show. This flight test failure may have caused a serious delay in the development program for the Taep'o-dong-

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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