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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

2/Shahab-5 launch vehicle program. Only time will answer this open question.”[53]

Shahab-4 There is very little known about the status of Shahab-4. In 1997 it was believed that by 2003 Iran would have been finished with design and development work and would have started mass production by the end of 2005. However because of the political sensitivity of its range (2500-3000 km), Iranians may not want to announce its production. “The Shahab-4 is projected to include improved guidance components, a two stage version would have a range of 2,000-2,200 kilometers while the three stages Shahab-4 could potentially have a range of 2,672-2,896 kilometers range with a warhead weight on the order of 1,000-760 kilograms. The Shahab-4 would be capable of hitting targets as far away as Germany and Western China. The Iranian Zelzal project provided for the rework development of the North Korean No-dong missile with a 1,350-1,500 kilometer range.”[54]

Finding and destroying these missiles will be hard. All of these missiles are mobile and considering the Iranian mountainous terrain it would be especially hard to find and neutralize them. In addition many of the tactical missiles with solid fuel, in the context of the Persian Gulf and the proximity of the targeted countries or oil facilities, are strategic in nature.

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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