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US vs Iran

Hybrid War

Some of the products of AIO (Beside Aircrafts)

Jet Engines In 1995, Iran purchased a production license for jet engines from the Russian VPK MAPO in order to gain additional expertise. The license authorizes the Iranian State Industrial Aircraft Company to produce 60 TV-117 turboprop engines for installation on Ukrainian and Russian passenger jets that also will be purchased or produced under license.[67] In 1999 Iran announced a domestically produced jet engine, the Tolou-4 “’mini-jet,’” produced by the state–own aviation industry “under the control of Iran’s defence ministry.”[68]

“Toloue-4 mini jet engine built at IACI’s engine industries (TEM). It is a reverse-engineered French design, and is currently being used on C-802/Noor anti-ship missiles, as well as a jet- powered UAV/target drone. It can produce 3.7kN of trust with an RPM of 29,500. Toloue-4 is a three-stage axial design with a length of 1.3m.”[69] Iran is believed to be in the process of developing large jet engines for its fighters.

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)

Since early 1990s, Iranians have been developing and producing a number of UAVs. One of the first UAVs was the Tallash-I designed to train UAV operators. It is a simple rugged design but does little more than take off, fly around, and land. The subsequent Tallash-II could perform more elaborate maneuvers, and could be launched by a booster rocket or compressed air; it lands on an airstrip or by a parachute. Saeqeh-I (Lightning Bolt) is designed

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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