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US vs Iran

Hybrid War


The Iran-Iraq war (1980-1088) has had a tremendous impact on the Iranian Psyche. This war caused close to one million dead and wounded and hundreds of billions of dollars of damage. During this painful period, because of comprehensive sanctions, the Iranians realised that for defence, they have to rely on themselves. As soon as the war was finished, the country embarked on various defence related projects with the aim of becoming totally self sufficient in its military needs. From what we see today, the country has come a long way in realising that dream. Today Iran is almost self-sufficient in small, and to some extent, in heavy arms such as heavy artillery, APCs, Tanks etc. Iran has also rapidly advanced in the fields of missile technologies and aircraft manufacturing. It seems that Iran is laying the foundation for a vast military-industrial complex similar to that of US and Russia. Iran, however, will need many decades to reach the same level of self-sufficiency enjoyed by these countries. Nevertheless Iran is clearly set on the path to become a major arms producer and exporter. But all these plans require time and stability.

Iranian R&D is going faster than its production capability. For Iranians to field a large army equipped with their latest aircrafts, tanks and artillery is very difficult. This requires a larger defence budget, something that the country can not afford. The economic problems facing Iran are not small. Iran has a very large young population; a population that demands work, education and a better standard of living. Tehran a city built for 3 million people now has a population of 12 million. It takes a lot of money just to bring clean water to these people, not to mention electricity, telephone and sewage system. Iran therefore has had to use most of the available resources on civilian projects. Whatever was left was carefully spent on import substitution projects and building the foundation for an industrial complex that would allow Iran to become one of the leading producers of military equipment in the world.

But Iran knew that all these plans would take time, during which there was a strong possibility that US may launch a pre-emptive attack or even try to invade the country. So Iran decided on

Dr. Abbas Bakhtiar

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