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The FCC, under pressure to clean up the Internet, especially after the Communications Decency Act provisions regarding Internet content regulation were stricken as violating the U.S. Constitution, has decided instead to require a Morse code requirement for Internet users.

Citing the success of the Amateur Radio Service and the general belief that its requirement for operators to pass a Morse code proficiency exam and other technical requirements, has kept the A.R.S. "clean", the FCC will enact a 5 word-per-minute requirement for all Internet users. They are leaving open the issue of whether there should be a "codeless" class of Internet user and are soliciting comments on this proposal. Persons wishing to develop a web site having only links to other web sites having links to other web sites, and so forth, must pass a 13 word-per-minute test and demonstrate proficiency in HTML, the Internet authoring language.

Persons wish to develop web sites that have actual content, as compared to just links to other web sites, must pass a 20 word-per-minute Morse code proficiency test, demonstrate proficiency in HTML and the Java programming language, and show that they have the mastery of at least one human language, such as English.

The FCC, which lacks budgetary authority to implement the testing program, has stated that it intends to create

Volunteer Examiner programs for Internet applicants. Editor’s Note: Note for the humor impaired: this is satire. Please do not read this if you are not properly trained and certified in satire. This article was compliments of Jim Thompson - W3LAP

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