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MARCH Outcome Evaluation

Sample size:

As the primary sampling unit, the surveys focused on 4 groups of respondents to achieve its several objectives. These are (1) single women aged 15-24 years (2) single men aged 15-24 years (3) married women aged 15-49 years and (4) married men aged 15-49 years. The overall sample size for the four groups combined was 800 and 807 individual respondents in Addis Ababa and West Hararghe, respectively. Details of the achieved sample size by different socio-demographic characteristics of respondents are shown in Table 1.  

The baseline survey:

The baseline surveys in both of the sites also used the same sampling designs and procedures as those of the outcome. The sample sizes were also similar (803 from Addis Ababa and 809 from West Hararghe).

4.3. The questionnaire and training of data collectors

Data were collected through a house-to-house interview using a questionnaire. The questionnaire was broadly divided into 9 sections, which include (1) Identification (2) Background information (3) Knowledge of HIV/AIDS (4) Sexual behaviors (5) Knowledge of symptoms of STIs (6) HIV Voluntary counseling and testing (7) Stigma and discrimination towards PLWHAs (8) Care and support to PLWHAs  and (9) Exposure to the MARCH intervention. The questionnaire was largely pre-coded, with fixed response categories. It was translated into the local languages (i.e. into Amharic for Addis Ababa and into Oromifa for West Hararghe) in order to facilitate easy administration. The questionnaire was pre-tested and revised accordingly prior to the actual survey. Data collectors have gone through intensive class room training, role plays and field testing before they were deployed for the actual data collection. The training was aided by a tailor-made training manual. The field work, including training of data collectors, pre-testing and data collection lasted in about 4 weeks.

Addis Ababa and West Hararghe

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