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MARCH Outcome Evaluation

5.8. Exposure to the MARCH and HIV blood testing  

Respondents in both the baseline and outcome surveys were asked whether or not they had taken HIV testing in the past. If so, they were then asked the year and month they underwent HIV testing for the last time. Based on this information, the proportions that were tested in the year preceding the survey and within the past two years were computed.  As shown in Table 14, the proportion tested for HIV significantly and positively correlated with exposure to the MARCH both in Addis Ababa and West Hararghe. While 11.7% of the non-exposed were tested for HIV in the year preceding the survey in Addis Ababa, the corresponding figures for the moderately-and highly-exposed respondents were 21.3% and 29.7, respectively.  Likewise, in West Hararghe, the proportion tested increased from only 0.5% among the non-exposed to 2.5% and 5.4%, among the moderately-and highly-exposed respondents, respectively.  The multivariate analysis (Table 15) also confirmed the fact that the observed positive association between exposure to the MARCH and the uptake of HIV testing pesrsisted even after adjusting for sex, age, educational and marital status of respondents. In fact, the odds of having been tested for HIV in the year preceding the survey was 1.5 and 2 times higher, respectively, for the moderately-and highly-exposed  respondents of Addis Ababa, as compared to the non-exposed. Similarly, the corresponding odds of being tested for HIV last year was 4.5 and 9.8 time higher, respectively, for respondents of West Hararghe.  Unlike for the case of Addis Ababa, the proportion tested within the 2 years preceding the survey was not different from that tested in the year preceding the survey in West Hararghe. This is mainly because HIV testing was not available to the target population of West Hararghe prior to September 2004.     

Addis Ababa and West Hararghe

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