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MARCH Outcome Evaluation

intervention. Although achieving these objectives with an intervention program of only 2-3 years duration appears a bit ambitious, we attempted to examine the effect of the intervention, if there is any, using available survey data.

Only 9(1.5%) and 8(3.4%) married respondents from West Hararghe and Addis Ababa, respectively, reported that they had engaged in extramarital sex in the year preceding the survey. As a result, it is not possible to make any meaningful analysis on such small number of married respondents that have admitted extramarital sexual relationships.  Thus, this section is entirely dedicated to elaborating the sexual behaviors of never married respondents. In particular, the section focuses on life time and recent sexual activity as well as condom use during the most recent sex among never married respondents. Baseline-outcome comparison of sexual behavior of this group is also assessed only for Addis Ababa.

As shown in Table 16, the proportion that reported having had sex (i.e. in their life time) appeared the lowest among the highly-exposed respondents of Addis Ababa although the differences across the exposure categories did not reach the desired level of statistical significance, mainly due to the small sample size associated with the highly-exposed never married respondents (n=21). In contrast, there was no difference between the non-and moderately-exposed respondents (28.9% and 30.3%, respectively) in the magnitude of having ever had sex, suggesting that moderate exposure to the MARCH may not be sufficient to induce favorable behavioral change (such as abstinence and delaying age at sexual debut) in this population. The stratified analysis by sex and age consistently recorded the lowest prevalence of reporting having ever had sex for the highly-exposed respondents compared to the other exposure categories except for the females.  While the same analysis showed comparable levels between non-and moderately exposed respondents.  In almost all strata, except for the males, no significant statistical association was recorded between exposure to the MARCH and respondents’ sexual experience. In fact, in most strata there were few never married respondents that were highly exposed to the MARCH (e.g. only 10 never married respondents

Addis Ababa and West Hararghe

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