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MARCH Outcome Evaluation

were highly-exposed in Addis Ababa), which would undoubtedly influences the level of the p-values. Naturally a p-value is a function of the sample size.  Unlike the lifetime sexual experience, no relationship was noted between exposures to the MARCH and the reporting of recent sexual activity (i.e. having had sex last year).  Overall, the proportion who reported recent sexual activity was found to be 18.4%, 18% and 19.1% among the non- moderately-and highly-exposed respondents, respectively.  Notable decline in the proportion that reported recent sexual activity was recorded for the highly-exposed male respondents compared to the other exposure categories though the difference was not statistically significant likely due to small sample size (25.5%, 33.8% and 10% in order of exposure, respectively).   

Among those respondents who reported being sexually active last year, condom use in that last sex was assessed. Since the number of highly-exposed never married respondents reporting having had recent sex was extremely low (n=4), the two exposure categories (moderately-and highly-exposed) were collapsed to form one exposure category (i.e. at least moderately-exposed) so as to get sufficient sample size (n=42) for the calculation of the proportion of exposed condom users during the last sex.  Condom use during last sex was reported by 59.2% and 76.2% (p=0.085) of the recently sexually-active non-exposed and exposed never married respondents, respectively (Figure 10c).  Condom use in general appeared higher among both exposed males and females compared to the non-exposed although the difference between the exposed and non-exposed was more pronounced for females than that of the males (i.e. 50% and 78.6% for females and 61.5% and 75% for males).  

The findings from West Hararghe indicated that while about 6% of the non-exposed never married respondents reported that they had ever had sex at least once in their lifetime, 3% of the same group also said that they had sex last year. In particular, sexual activity appeared much higher among the non-exposed females (13.3%) and those aged 20-24 years (11.8%) compared to any of the other individuals. These findings taken together indicated the presence a considerable level of sexual activity

Addis Ababa and West Hararghe

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