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Condominium recertification packages may be submitted to the jurisdictional homeownership center (HOC) for processing under HRAP. Condominiums in the state of Florida may only be recertified by the Atlanta HOC.

A condominium’s recertification package may be submitted by:

The condominium association The condominium’s management company An attorney or project consultant who submits a recertification package on behalf of the association or management company

Condominium association, management company, attorney or project consultant submitted recertification requests MUST be submitted to the appropriate jurisdictional HOC for processing through HRAP.

Lenders are permitted to submit a condominium for recertification through HRAP, while qualified lenders may recertify a condominium through DELRAP. If your condominium association has a strong relationship with a FHA direct endorsement lender, you may wish to request recertification by this lender through DELRAP.

What information will I need to provide in order to satisfy FHA’s recertification requirements?

All documentation and information requested on the recertification cover letter and checklist provided by FHA (click here) must be included in a recertification request. In general, FHA is seeking to verify the current financial condition of condominium projects at recertification and establish that the condominium is likely to remain in compliance with program requirements for the duration of the two year certification period.

Categories of required information are discussed below.

General Information Required for Recertification

FHA Condo ID Project Address cross streets must be submitted if the project does not have a formal street address Description of the Property lot, block, plat, (attach legal description if using metes & bounds); type of construction (i.e. high rise, townhomes); number of units; etc. Name and contact information of individual requesting recertification

Financial Documents

Budget (actual, not more than 12 months old), or

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