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Drum Re-conditioning

The Waste Act No. 59 of 2008 became effective on the 1st July 2009. Entrenched in the Act is the principle of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), greases, oil cans and drums could potentially be the next target for environmentalists in the drive to reduce oil pollution. ROSE, in its mission to extend its influence over oil-related waste in ensuring Extended Producer Responsibility, has engaged with the drum re-conditioning industry trying to reduce the environmental degradation where oil is concerned.

In the normal course of business, ROSE members sell products in various package sizes to their customers either directly or through agents and partners. When these packages become empty they have to be disposed of responsibly. Drum re-conditioners collect empty drums and “re-condition” them for re-sale back into the market either to lubricant fillers or other users.

environmental compliance needs to be addressed urgently,” comments ROSE Foundation CEO, Raj Lochan.

In an effort to organise the industry and make the role- players realise that compliance will be mandatory, many workshops have been held to canvas the support of the respective businesses.

To further ensure compliance, ROSE members’ customers and their own blend plants will be prevailed upon to use only approved re-conditioners.

Lochan maintains that the environmental chain must be incentivised in various ways to facilitate compliance. One method would be to put a toll on new drums manufactured and this income could be used to achieve compliance standards.

A recent survey shows that none of the drum re- conditioners are fully compliant. However, some drum re-conditioners are preparing to certify themselves with the ISO 14001 environmental management system.

As a first step to make these small businesses compliant, ROSE has started independent audits on participating plants around the country to develop a baseline on compliance.

It has been encouraging to learn that the drum re- conditioners are eager to comply and participate with ROSE in improving environmental compliance. ROSE plans to facilitate the preparation of an incentive based model with the industry role-players. ROSE believes it is imperative that the Chemical Allied Industry Association (CAIA) becomes part of this initiative as most of their members sell chemicals in drums which are later re-conditioned by these plants.

ROSE has already conducted independent audits on drum re-conditioner plants in Cape Town, Durban and Johannesburg. “From these audits it can be concluded that

Extended Producer Responsibility highlights

The overall purpose of the new Waste Act is to protect health, wellbeing, and the environment by providing reasonable measures for minimising consumption of natural resources, avoiding or minimising of the generation of waste and reducing, collecting, reusing, recycling, disposing or recovering waste. It views treating and disposal of waste as a last resort, but recognises the need for sustainability and economic factors.

This “cradle to the grave approach” on waste management may require: t 8BTUF NJOJNJTBUJPO QSPHSBNNFT t 'JOBODJBM BSSBOHFNFOUT UP QSPNPUF XBTUF SFEVDUJPO SFVTF SFDZDMJOH BOE SFDPWFSZ t "XBSFOFTT QSPHSBNNFT UP JOGPSN UIF QVCMJD PG UIF impact of waste. t 4QFDJGZJOH UIF SFRVJSFNFOUT JNQMFNFOUBUJPO BOE PQFSBUJPO of an EPR programme. t 4QFDJGZJOH UIF QFSDFOUBHF PG QSPEVDUT UIBU NVTU CF recovered. t 3FRVJSJOH UIF QSPEVDFS PG B TQFDJGJFE QSPEVDU UP DBSSZ out a life cycle assessment in accordance with waste standards. Requirements in respect of the design, composition or production of a product or packaging, including clean production measures and packaging specifications.

Drums to be re-conditioned

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