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Grease Recycling

Sludge, tar, grease and oil are a given aspect of the “dirty” work of manufacturing and mining. However, in terms of the Waste Act, these substances are serious pollutants and it has become the responsibility of producers to reduce, recycle and eliminate all polluted waste streams.

Oil Separation Solutions Sales & Services (OSS), an oil recovery and recycling company that specialises in on-site and off-site recycling and remediation of hydrocarbon-contaminated soil, sludge and industrial waste streams and bioremediation of oil contaminated soil.

In its continuing efforts to develop better turn-key solutions, OSS has recently perfected a process for reclaiming valuable resources from oil polluted waste streams, which enables an increase in the volumes of used oil collected for recycling in South Africa from these waste streams, whilst at the same time protects the environment, prevents oil pollution and brings “zero waste” goals even closer.

solvents and other recyclable resources,” explains Leonard Bianchina Managing Director of OSS.

“Examples of waste streams suited to RS2 WUHDWPHQW DUH UHÀQHU\ sludge and tar, spent grease from various industrial operations, sludge from steel production and from chemical and paint operations. OSS services, amongst others, the mining, automotive, food manufacturing and general industries as well as installations such as power stations.”

Bianchina explains that spent grease generally contains 90% oils, which the RS2 FDQ UHFRYHU DQG UHUHÀQH WR D KLJK YDOXH SURGXFW The RS2 V\VWHP LV D KLJKO\ HIÀFLHQW WKHUPDO SURFHVV ZKLFK LV QRW incineration, and provides the following key products:

“OSS offers this turn-key solution either on-site to customers’ industrial operations and/or off-site to OSS permitted facilities in an attempt bid to maximise the potential of our RS2 technology and to further protect and prevent the pollution of our environment,” concludes Bianchina.

“Our RS2 technology is capable of treating sludge from various industrial operations, as well as industrial toxic solid waste, e.g. heavy sludge, tar waste, spent grease, all contaminated with high concentrations of a wide range of volatile and non-volatile compounds including gasoline, diesel, heavy oils, hydrocarbons,

For more information contact Oil Separation Solutions Sales & Services on 011 824 7580.

RS2 treatment facility at OSS

Grease product after treatment through RS2

IBM’s Smarter Girls Learn About Recycling for a Smarter Planet

Technology giant IBM ran a camp for previously disadvantaged girls in July, with the aim of encouraging an interest in technology and mathematics. Their theme was “Smarter Girls, Smarter Planet”, which centred around changing a mind set about conserving the planet and encouraging awareness and innovative ways to reduce waste and use energy more efficiently.

The ROSE Foundation, together with FFS Refiners, supported this worthwhile initiative, by inviting the group to tour the Chloorkop plant where the girls were shown around the depot and explained why there was an environmental need to recycle oil.

The visit is keeping in line NORA-SA’s and ROSE’s commitment to encourage young learners to become aware of the environmental hazards of used oil when disposed of irresponsibly.

Female learners brought together by IBM, visiting the FFS Refiners Chloorkop facility

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