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Environmental Awards - FFS Pietermaritzburg

For two years in a row, FFS Refiners PMB branch has taken the honours in the annual FFS Environmental Awards. Stephan Roeloffse and his team at FFS Pietermaritzburg have shown their colleagues that with the combination of dedication, perseverance and hard work, they can be the best.

The challenge is thrown open to fellow colleagues at the other FFS Refiners plants around the country.

In the recent environmental compliance audit conducted, on behalf of the ROSE Foundation by WSP Environment & Energy, among FFS Refiners’ branches countrywide, Pietermaritzburg staff came out tops. They were again awarded first prize for their commitment to legal compliance and environmental improvement for plant operations.

At a celebratory event, a shield of honour was presented to FFS Pietermaritzburg and its employees were rewarded for their efforts with fleece-lined jackets as mementoes to mark the occasion.

Priya Govender, Environmental Manager at FFS Refiners says, “This plant has shown what commitment and dedication can achieve and the Pietermaritzburg staff are certainly worthy winners of this prestigious award.”

ROSE CEO Raj Lochan agreed: “We will continually support and recognise companies and staff for their contribution to the environment, and we commend Stephan’s team on their worthy achievement.”

Stephan Roeloffse (extreme right) together with his team and their environmental award

Rollout of Bulking Points in KZN

ROSE’s mission of managing used lubricating oil in an environmentally responsible manner, was enhanced recently with the opening of new state- PGUIFBSU CVMLJOH TUPSBHF GBDJMJUZ JO ,XB;VMV /BUBM 7JOLPT 0JM PXOFE by Vinko Coetzee and operating from Weenen near Estcourt, is the first recipient of the storage facilities made available to NORA-SA collectors by the ROSE Foundation.

On a permitted site in Weenen, two tanks of 23 000 litres each, two tanks of 4 500 litres each, plus required piping and pumps, have been installed and placed under cover.

Says Vinko Coetzee, “This truly shows ROSE’s commitment to the NORA- SA collectors and their seriousness about ensuring a pollution-free environment”.

And at the FFS Refiners plant in Pietermaritzburg, additional tankage has been provided by ROSE to complement the existing facility, so collectors can drop off oil at their convenience instead of driving all the way to the Durban plant.

Bulking facility, Weenen with Andre de Wet, Chairman of ROSE at the opening

In total, at FFS Refiners, an additional 150 000 litres of tank capacity have CFFO QSPWJEFE  Y  MJUSF BOE  Y  MJUSF UBOLT "VUPNBUJD UBOL gouging ensures that after hours, deliveries can be accommodated.

The ROSE philosophy of providing tanks in remote areas encourages the collection of used oil in less accessible regions and benefits smaller collectors who incur high transport costs in relation to the volumes collected.

ROSE would like to commend the CEO of FFS Refiners, Don Hunter who has pledged his ongoing commitment to the lubricant industry by providing infrastructural support and plant facilities for the collection and processing of used oil.

Bulking facility FFS Refiners in Pietermaritzburg, from L to R, Stephan Roeloffse, Don Hunter (FFS Refiners), Andre de Wet and Teddy Mlanduli (ROSE directors)

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