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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Project number: 10

Name of the organisation: Lavrotto Kft. (Hungary)

Name of the representant: Mr Tamás MATUSCSÁK

Address: ,  , Hungary



E-mail: matuscsak@t-online.hu



Project overview

1) Introduction

Larvotto Ltd intends to create an innovative major amusement complex nearby Budapest. In this theme park local and foreign visitor (both children and adults) can understand better – on a very sophisticated way, like in a time-machine – Hungary’s rich past, its history, culture, traditions, flora and fauna, but they can also enjoy themselves a lot. The project is in the hands of a highly qualified team, with extended international experiences.

2) Market

Budapest (two million inhabitants) and its environment is the No. 1 touristic destination in Hungary, however there isn’t enough appealing, large amusement opportunities, interesting both for locals and foreigners. An awaking interest about history is a worldwide trend, so probably it is not only by chance, that historical theme parks, festivals, etc. (like Puy du Fou – FR; Kaltenberger Rittertournier – D, etc.) are among the amusement centres with the quickest development and the best financial results.

3) Vision

We wish to put up a historical theme park, which gives back -as authentically as possible -the scenery and the atmosphere of the city of Buda in the era of the king and emperor Sigismund (1387-1437), on the most spectacular, interactive and amusing way. This park would be organized around a gigantic evening show, “Historissimo”, focusing on Sigismund’s incredibly fascinating life. During this show spectators will revive this captivating period of time (end of the 14th century and the beginning of the 15th) with the help of stunts and special effects.

4) Site

For being the site of the future Sigismund Park we’ve selected one of Hungary’s most history-linked villages, Zsámbék. Its earlygothic cathedral is a remarkable relic of the Hungarian architectural history. The village is situated nearby to the limits of Budapest, at the 25th kilometre of the highway M1 (direction Bratislava-Vienna), backgrounded by the splendid hills surrounding the Zsámbék-valley.

5) Structure

The park will contain 7 main sectors:

1. Historium – A medieval town (50 buildings with handcraft-shops and period gastronomy, a chapel – for weddings and baptistery -, a 4 x 400 m2 event hall – for conferences, company and private events, balls, etc.)

2. Legendarium – This section treat the medieval legends, tales and myths – mainly for younger children – with live shows, special effects and plenty of surprises

3. Adventurum – This section will be for visitors keen on interactive experiences – a kind of medieval Luna Park –; its key element will be a Knights’ Castle


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