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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

4. Historissimo – The clew of the Park will be a 10,000-seat open-air night show about Sigismund’s life 5. Theatrum – A unique, 1,300-seat indoor theatre, specially designed by our team, where an inimitably spectacular show will be produced about the history of Hungary

6. Naturum – This section will introduce the region’s typical wild-(wolf, beer, bison, etc.) and domestic animals (grey oxen, racka sheep, komondor dog, etc.) from medieval times. Key element: a 1,000-seat open-air falconry-show

7. Deminutium – A mini-Hungary from the era of Sigismund, with the models of the most beautiful buildings (1:15), with plenty of moving models (mills, ships, etc.) and other surprises There will also be a “medieval” hotel of 130 rooms (with wellness services) and 60 bungalows, as well as parking places for the ease of the visitors. Between the sections different transport facilities will insure the flow of the guests.

The structure of the building and their engineering will be modern, the coatings and the decoration traditional (stone, used wood, used brick). All together about 64,000 m2 building will be constructed on a land of 72 hectares. The lake will be 3 hectares large. The above detailed park will be opened in 3-4 steps. The first opening can be done about 2 year after all authorizations are obtained (6-9 months). The other sections will be opened yearly, one-by-one, following the marketing plan.

6) Financial plan

We estimate that for the set-up of the above detailed project around 22,50 billion HUF (65 million GBP) will be necessary. We suppose that one third of this amount is needed as invested capital and two thirds can be bank credit. There is a good chance that this project becomes one of Hungary’s “seeded EU-projects”. In that case 20-30% of the total amount can be obtained as a non-refundable grant from the EU! It would also mean that a part of the initial capital can be found much more easily. The project can break even after 8-9 years, but with the EU grant this period of time can be reduced to 6 year.

7) Exit possibilities

For the investors there will be several opportunities to take their benefits: dividend, back leasing, IPO (Initial Public Offering), MBO (Management Buy Out), industrial investors (ex. Six Flags) or financial investors (ex.: real estate funds) can all be serious options. Probably an IPO would result the largest extra-profit.


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