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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Project number: 13

Name of the organisation: Nyitott Kapu Mobil Art Galéria Közhasznú Alapítvány (Open Gate Mobile Art Galery Foundation) (Hungary)

Name of the representant: Dr. Zoltán RÁCZ J.

Address: Falujárók útja 2, 2170 Aszód, Hungary

Phone: +36-30-998-2029

Fax: +36-28-400-148

E-mail: opengate@vnet.hu

Web: www.opengate.hu


A Hungarian NGO for artists living with disabilities                                              

Art is universal!

Quite often God sends down some of her shining stars to the Earth to be born as human beings and  ive among us.

Some of them are poets, enginiers of words, some show us the world of colors and shapes, some help us find the world of sound. These shining starts are often people with disabilities, the holly fire is lit in their souls  as well. They help us ordinary people.

Our organisation, Open Gate Foundation was founded to show to the world that talent does not  depend on the  phisical condition of the body. Talent is given by God! Art is universal!

There is no “art” and “art of the disabled”, there is just simply ART, without any additional terms.

Open Gate Foundation organised 89 exhibitions in Hungary and abroad, which were visited by more than 700,000 people so far. We were welcome anywhere we went to. We do belive that our method of spreading information about ourselves is very effective in helping people wit disabilities. More effective than giving lectures to find supporters.

With the help of our foreign exhibitions we became known outside Hungary as well.

At our exhibitions we show the art of both handicapped and healthy artists without indicating the phisical condition of the artist. Visitors have no information whether a piece was made by a healthy or a handicapped artist. It is a unique aproach as art groups of handicapped people usually show only the art of handicapped people. Since our aim is the integration of handicapped people to the mainstream society we identify ourselves as a contemporary art group. Instead of choosing segregation we vote for openness and integration. Since Homeros several great artists, living with disabilities, feature European art and cultural history and we would like to be an open space for the ones living now.

According to its name, Open Gate Foundation is looking forward to meeting the ones who are willing to join us, as well as groups and organizations willing to cooperate with us.


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