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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Project number: 16

Name of the organisation: Presidance Company (Hungary)

Name of the representant: Ms Ágnes SZÁSZ

Address: Batthyány u. 49, 1015 Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36-30-650-3055


E-mail: szasz.agnes@presidance.com




The Presidance Company was founded in May 2008. The aim was to create an exquisite 21st century performance by using and preserving the unique Hungarian cultural heritage, something that can also draw greater attention towards Hungary, and help in creating a new, more positive image of the country.      


We have picked talented young Hungarian dancers from various forms of the field so that they can create a breathtaking performance by bringing their creativity, professionalism and specific point of view.

These artists of dance, music and circus invite you on an unforgettable journey, in which you can see flashes of Hungarian history, gain a glimpse into Hungarian feelings and emotions, and even recognize yourself and your life, sometimes in tears, at other times rolling with laughter.


“THE GREAT FEAST” - Hungarians are famous for their love of merry-making, drinking and eating.

It starts as a simple dinner, but, after one too many drinks, it turns into a wild, ecstatic scenario. Everything dances and moves including the glasses and plates, forks and spoons, on and under the table, and this whirlpool grabs and draws in everything and everyone, rising up to its climax.

“REVOLUTIONS”   - Hungarians always rebel

 The stage is dark. You can hear the wind and some footsteps. First you are only able to see the reflection on some boots. They are a soldier's. They move slowly. They are threatening. They are beating a rhythm on the body. It is rhythm of war. The intimidating music suddenly changes and flames paint the skies red. Freedom fighters leap in with waving flags and take up the fight against the suppressors to triumph over them.

“EMIGRATION”- when you must leave

There are times when you must leave your country, your home. The going away is always very difficult and full of tears, but there no other option. You have to go for yourself, and for your loved ones that stayed behind. You have to go because of your past and your future, just taking one step after another, hoping that once you might be able to return.


We Hungarians do not differ from any other nation.

We like listening to music, dancing and having fun.

Our days are entwined with joy and sorrow and life and death.


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