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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Project number: 20

Name of the organisation: Kalandok és Álmok Animációs Szakmai Műhely (Hungary)

Name of the representant: Mr Sándor BÁNYAI

Address: ,  , Hungary



E-mail: banyai.sandor@szabadidoszervezo.hu

Web: www.szabadidoszervezo.hu


Our organization was established in 1999, as Hungarian civil society of animators for cultural and education activities in non-formal learning. Its members are volunteers and professionals, civil, specialists, educators who use the informal and formal methods of learning in and out of the school. The activity of the organisation has been international since 2003, we have had local groups in Romania (Oradea) and Serbia (Stara Moravica).

Introduction We have organised animator trainings for volunteers, contemporary helpers, teacher trainees, social workers, nursery-school teachers, teachers, camp-tenders (in the followings: animators) in the topic of culture, multiculturalism and non-formal and informal learning. Our aim is that the participants should work out their own plans, define the necessary steps in the development of the family, school or cultural environment, where children can live without ethnical discrimination.

Summary of the applied project We established a training seminar and the following thematic workshop for animators with the collaboration of two-three or more organisations. During the process by the instruments of experiential education we prepare them for designing and leading independent and common projects showing the multicultural values.

Justification of the project As a citizen of Europe children face the meetings and coexistence of different cultures every day. It raises such problems, as the appearance of prejudice, the role of the social advantage and disadvantage, the elimination and the integration. Because of the historical heritage the proper socialisation is missing from children’s life. The lack of the behaviour patterns causes misbehaviours and aggression that can’t be handled by the children and youths because of the crudeness or deformation of the scale of values. The animators are the most effective interferers to the behaviour of youths, because they deal with the next generation, present a pattern for children and therefore can make a lot to form an open and tolerant thought of the next generation.

Our purpose is to educate youths by feeling successful during the informal and non-formal education, so they could find solutions in their multicultural environment to prevent, recognise and handle the conflicts that come up every day. Our purpose is the individual and social education and the strengthening of children by the instruments of animation and by the developer leading of specialists.

The target-group of the project are animators, that have a regular connection to the groups of children. The aims of the training are the training of specialists who deal with children and shaping a proper approach and to enlarge the methodological repertoire. It occurs through such elements like the practice of learning by experiences that help effectively the successful coexistence of children.


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