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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Project number: 23

Name of the organisation: (Hungary)

Name of the representant: Mr Mihály FEKETE

Address: ,  Budapest, Hungary

Phone: +36-20-9570138


E-mail: feketemihaly@gmail.com



A proposal of establishment of a foundation and creating a wwhp.hu webpage

   The object of the foundation is to install into cities and public places blackboards with photos showing the ancient status of that place.   

   The photos are donated to the foundation by private individuals, museums, archives, companies, etc. The functioning of foundation will be ensured by received money from companies, private persons, and tendered funds.  

   The object of the foundation will be the restoration of the photographs, the preparing of the billboards (considering the protection against stealing), the setting up on the right place, the detailed documentation on the billboards, and in the database on the website (in several languages).  

   The foundation would like to preserve its civil-initiative character, representing the founders, sponsors, and the supporters of the foundation, but the foundation won’t give a surface for advertisements.  

   The function of the foundation would have the following effect: people who cross through the public places could receive information about the changes of those surroundings, about the events of that place, and then on the website they can find more background information about the photos, they can explore the relationships between today and the past.

    The billboards will help the cognition (understanding?) of the inhabitant’s habitation, the formation of a local-patriotism, will develop the tourism, the economy, and will inspire people to search for other photos in their city. The effective influence can’t be totally fixed in advance.  

   In the same time, when the boards will be established on their place, we will create a virtual database too. The two systems will complement each other, but they will be indiviually complete too.

   The Foundation would like to create a network that covers all the settlements and countries with a uniform conditional system, conditional data and signs on the blackboards.  

   On the score (Regarding the system…) of collecting the photos, creating the database and installing the blackboards we would like to create a franchise-system and licence it all around the world.


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