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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Project number: 25

Name of the organisation: POD Theatre (Serbia)

Name of the representant: Ms Vuksanovic JELENA

Address: Mladena Stojanovica 1a,  Belgrade, Serbia



E-mail: pod_teatar@yahoo.com

Web: www.podteatar.org.yu


„Reality Myth- Space of The Light”

Theatre Project Objective Drama - POD Theatre

Mladena Stojanovica 1a, Belgrade, Serbia

www. podteatar.org.yu, pod_teatar@yahoo.com

Starting point of the Project is researching of the tradition, myths, legends, stories from different places and localities.

Next step in the realizing the Project is connecting discovered material into one integral story, realization of this story through Performing Arts, using old instruments and music, storytelling, and open spaces for performing.

The idea is that native people, old people from different villages start to be the part of the process of making the Traveling Performance. They would be included in the process of the work through manual works that during production can be used as part of scenography, costumes, or instruments.

In this way it would be possible to rediscover the myths of different countries, to revive them, and make them alive in society of today.

Practically the actions of the Project would include different activities:

-Establishing the ethno-musical colony on the Suva Mountain in Serbia.

-Meetings and co-operation of partners from different countries.

-Local Research (including of the Local People, their myths, storytelling, manual works).

- Production of the Performance (Site Specific Performance).

- Touring of the Performance .

- Documenting of the whole process (Through Book, in Co-operation with ethnographic Museums).

“Theatre is process involved in all other processes as one of the primary human activities”.  

J. Grotowsky: “In confrontation with Myth we perceive relativity of our problems and their connection with “roots”, and preview relativity of the roots in the light of current experience. (…) Concrete Mythological situation presents experience about general human Truth. “

One of the tasks that Theatre would have is to find “transnational” language that would cross the barriers of differences, with specific elements that would result from the whole process of the work.

Project Reality Myth- Space of Light would be complex mixture developed by:  Theatre Practitioners, Anthropologists and Musicians, Native People with their hand crafts, and Institutions involved (as Ethnographic Museums - in charge of publication connected with the Research and Programme of the Project).


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