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International cultural project market – 27 June 2008, Budapest, Hungary

Project number: 2

Name of the organisation: Goldmark Károly Művelődési Központ (Hungary)

Name of the representant: Ms Ágota CSENGEI

Address: Kossuth Lajos út 28,  Keszthely, Hungary



E-mail: csengei.agota@gmail.com



Baroque festival in Keszthely in 2009

On the one hand the bravery, the luxury then again the culture and the assistance of the arts attest to create the Baroque a kind of completeness and ideology.

One of the main sights of Keszthely is the Festetics castle. It was built in Baroque style by the Festetics family. For the inhabitants of Keszthely is very important this building and its emanation. Besides our city has much more architectural relics. We’d like to introduce these buildings for the tourists and for the international artists with the help of an international Baroque festival in the summer. We’re looking for this action partners from the European Baroque countries like France, Italy and Austria.

We’d like to acquaint this view of life - that attributes special significance to the pleasure, cheerfulness, playfulness and social life - with tourist and inhabitants during a Baroque weekend. We’d like to recall the feeling of the Baroque with these programs.

We’re planning the following programs during the festival in the summer in 2009:

Baroque music: the Baroque and Renaissance music playing Musica Antiqua band from Hévíz. Ba-Rock concert with Barokk Szextett and Ferenc Kovács, guitar player, Festetics György Conservatoire: Vivaldi: Four Seasons and the Vivat Bacchus band.  

Baroque dance: procession and dance in fancy dress (Balatoni Borbarát Hölgyek).

Baroque theater: For children MASZK puppet-show: Arany János: Pázmán lovag, for adults: Borok, dalok, bábok.  

Other programs: ox-roasting, all-day playhouses for children, joust, photograph in Baroque fancy dresses, procession in dresses of the age of Baroque, with stilted man from the Main Square to the Festetics Castle.

In the evening Baroque ball in the Festetics Castle and dance event in the pedestrian street.

We’re looking for these programs international partners. We’d like to organize this program as a tradition with the help of international and domestic applications.


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