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Bloomfield Township Fire Department believes that every employee is

responsible to teach, train and to some degree evaluate the performance of a new

recruit. Most often it is the station lieutenant or acting officer who writes the daily

evaluations. Although there are times when a peer fire fighter takes on the daily task.

This is a benefit to the organization. When the entire body of the organization feels they

have in-put into the process and decisions, the system works better. Many factors

come into play when a person evaluates a peer or subordinate. There are different

theories for teaching, training, coaching and even counseling the new recruit. Dr. Harry

R. Carter writes “the success or failure of the evaluation system in any organization will

depend on the managerial philosophy under which it is established” (1997). All persons

involved in the process need to be thinking along the same lines.

The literature research indicates that the Bloomfield Township Fire Department

follows many of the written theories of a quality evaluation system. Research literature

helped define areas of importance that need adjusting and fine-tuning. Our system is

meeting the standards of the industry and the needs of the department. With some

revision our new employee process can only improve.


The basis of this project started through observation. Over the past few years

command officers noticed that there was more than one way in which evaluations,

documentation of activity and progression of the new recruits was taking place. There

was question as to the effectiveness of our system. Therefore an analysis was needed

in order to see how the department’s evaluation process was helping in accomplishing


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