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The results of the officer survey indicate that we are placing fire fighters in positions in

which they have little experience and lack full understanding. It has come to the point

where new employees are utilized in front line positions such as engine operators and

advanced paramedics. They are counted as duty shift personal and used as one

quarter of an outstation team. Even though new employees are coming into the service

with higher education they still need the street training, the basics and more complete

knowledge prior to being front line. The officers collectively agree that rookie personnel

are utilized to a higher degree than what they are trained for.


This study was conducted to see if the Bloomfield Township Fire Department

was performing an evaluation system on new employees in an effective manor. Is there

a right way to manage the program so that both the employee and the department

benefit? Is there a right way or a wrong way to perform these types of evaluations?

Throughout the study, the comparison of literature review and the current ways the

department is conducting the evaluations has revealed we are on the proper course of

action. There are areas in the evaluation system working well and areas that need to

be changed.

Discussions with other area fire departments resulted in the fact that no

department has the same rookie evaluation process. There is no standard in the

industry for the specific evaluation of the new recruit. Each fire department has a

different time frame, level of importance and grading system for their rookies.

Furthermore, this author believes that each department contacted had somewhat of a


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