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Fire departments need to train, educate and orientate new rookie fire fighters into

the fire service. Is there a proper way to do this? Bloomfield Township Fire Department

has a program for our new employees. Prior to 1996 the department had an orientation

& one year probationary period. In 1996 a change was made which included a more

extensive training program and an increase in the documentation procedure.

Five years have passed and it is time to look at the rookie performance

evaluation process. Questions need to be answered along the lines of; is the process

meeting the department’s needs. Are the needs of the new employee being met? Is the

department properly evaluating the employee on job specific functions? Does the

system allow for training and testing the rookie in the proper areas of job related skills?

Is our process useful in helping the evaluator’s recognize and detect the type of

employee Bloomfield Township is looking for? What type of communication process do

evaluators use with the new employee? Does the system need changing?

Through research and questionnaires a study was conducted to evaluate our

system. A comprehensive program is developed to answer these questions. There are

many areas in the current program that have proven to be greatly beneficial over our old

system. As the new generation of employee’s keeps changing, so must we change our

rookie employee process. A review of our current program reveals that areas need to

be revised in order to benefit the new employee and the department.


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