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areas that need changing and redefining. The emergency business has changed and

the positions we are placing our new recruits in has changed. Rookies are being placed

into service as active front line personnel quicker than expected. Are they ready?

Questions now need to be answered as to if we are evaluating our new recruits

in specific job related areas. Are the test questions related to the new recruits functions?

Furthermore, is our current system addressing the needs of our new recruits? Is the

evaluation system helping them progress on a daily, weekly or monthly basis in order to

become a valuable full time employee of the department? It would be truly unfair to a

career- minded fire fighter if a system of evaluation did not address pertinent

department functions.

Throughout the history of our probationary system, it appears that the

department has been fortunate with the caliber of employees. In the past few years the

department has put into place a quality recruiting system to select top-notch employees.

Among the many authors, human resource manager Marc Singer writes, “when you

analyze a job or person, it enables you to define to a better degree the selection

process for hiring. Put the right people in the right position” (1990).

It is most important that a high level of care be directed to a system that

evaluates the new recruits in a manor that both has long term benefits to the

department and it’s employees. The fire department needs to maintain highly

motivated, caring and enthusiastic firefighters. Departments need to demonstrate that

there is a stable and caring environment for its work force. The true quality of the

department depends upon the quality of the employees. When an evaluation system

can objectively detect a topnotch employee or discover those less than desirable


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