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characteristics that can’t be changed, it will be a great tool for all involved. In the end it

is the department and the current full time employees that need to survive.

With the economic status of fire departments today where fewer firefighters and

higher run volumes are the norm, a high quality of employee is needed in order to make

the department excel. If the evaluation system fails because of the content of the

material, or the personnel who perform the evaluations, than the department as a whole

suffers. It is unfortunate when a person gets hired who is a burden to all. Everyone

within the department must work harder in order to make up or cover for the slacking

employee. Know one wants or needs a slacker. It is for these reasons that a

department needs a quality evaluation system.

The lazy employee will quickly be labeled a problem employee. Those who offer

very little to the organization create a moral problem within the ranks. For the officers it

means a constant supervision problem and firefighters who work and live side by side

with them could mean separation among the team. In a team-oriented profession, this is

a cancer within the department. If there is a cancer within the department, then the

entire organization begins to fail. We as officers cannot allow this to happen within our

departments. We must scrutinize each new recruit with a proper evaluation tool. With

the results that empower us to make the correct decision whether to keep an employee

or let them go, so that we may look for a better prospect.


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