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MoClamp Laser Measuring System

Extreme Warnings

Do NOT: Look directly into the laser light as it can be harmful to your vision. There are additional cautions on the laser head.

Do NOT: Use any part of this measuring system as a lever or tool to adjust an area of the vehicle you are wanting to measure. It is very tempting to try to align the gauges so they hang straight by tweaking them while in place. Remove them and use real tools to effect repairs on damaged areas.

Do NOT: Make any attempt at recalibrating the laser heads with the measuring system. If you suspect a laser head is out of calibration, call us immediately and we will send a replacement and recalibrate yours. Turnaround time will be held to an absolute minimum for your convenience.

DO: Replace broken screws as needed from time to time. The easiest way to remove a broken screw is to use a very small headed sewing machine screw driver or tip of a pocket knife and heat it. Then let the tip melt into the broken part and after it cools a little, carefully unscrew the broken piece.

DO: Clean the lens on the laser heads with a damp cloth using a mild windshield cleaner or plain water. Use only a soft, clean rag and NO TOOLS of any kind. The outer surface is all that is needed to be clean.

DO: Clean the surfaces of the gauges from time to time. A regular paint cleaner or enamel reducer will work. After a good cleaning wipe the surfaces down with a piece of wax paper and you will have a smooth surface that allows sliding pieces to their final destination much easier than when dry and dirty.

DO NOT: Use any form of paint thinner to clean gauges with. The thinner will immediately remove the numbers and marks on the tapes.

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