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Mo-Clamp Laser Measuring System

We offer three ways to hang the vertical legs from a vehicle. Pinch weld adapters, hole adapters and the roll pins for side holes on some full frame vehicles.

Since there will often be several different ways to attach the measuring system to the vehicle you need to decide which will be the fastest and most secure points to hang from.

Warning: Be sure to use the exact same point on the opposite side of the vehicle. If none is available, choose a different point. You must have symmetric points to establish a good centerline with. This is a very important rule to follow.

Attach the hole adapter or pinch weld adapter to the vertical hanger by screwing them into the top of the hanger in the hole provided. Once the adapter is secure put it on or in the point you have chosen and proceed to tighten to that point. If you are using a pinch weld adapter adjust both inner and outer screws so the adapter is centered directly under the pinch weld.

Warning: Never use the adapters to bend the pinch weld or hole so the hanger is straight. Use conventional tools for adjustments of pinch welds and holes to allow our equipment to hang straight and true.

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