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The PANTONE® Color Cue®2.1 is a hand-held spectrocolorimeter designed to help you identify an unknown color with its closest PANTONE Color equivalent. The PANTONE Color Cue®2.1 includes seven PANTONE Color Libraries: solid coated, solid uncoated, solid matte, Goe™ coated, Goe uncoated, PAINTS + INTERIORS/FASHION + HOME paper and FASHION + HOME cotton. The Color Cue®2.1 also provides information that includes: close colors, neighboring colors and associated color data information. The Color Cue®2.1 allows you to save 30 colors with sound bytes for later review.

To use the Color Cue®2.1, simply place the color measurement window over any color, press the measure button and the Color Cue®2.1 reads the sample and displays the closest PANTONE Color.

Once you have identified the closest PANTONE Color to your sample, the Color Cue®2.1 can then provide useful data associated for that color. The data available for the PANTONE Colors in the Color Cue®2.1 includes CMYK, Adobe® RGB (1998), sRGB, HTML, L*a*b*, XYZ, Hexachrome® and more. All these features make the Color Cue®2.1 an invaluable design tool.

An easy-to-use menu system allows you to select your preferred light source and color information displays.


  • The Power button turns power on.

  • Quick Shut Down (does not save preferences).

  • Place the Sample Window over the sample you wish to measure (make sure that the color sample completely fills the window).

  • The Measure button is used to initiate a measurement.

  • Pressing the Menu button takes you to the

Main Menu or returns you to the last sub-menu viewed.

  • Use the Scroll Up and Scroll Down buttons to cycle through menu options. Press and hold either button down to accelerate your movement through these menu options.

  • Press the Select button to select a Menu option.

  • The Liquid Crystal Color Display displays the PANTONE Color the Color Cue®2.1 has identified. You can also view the menu selections and measurement information.

The USB Port can be used as an alternate power source and may be used to update the unit if necessary.

PANTONE Color Cue®2.1 User Manual

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