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Package Contents

Each package contains:

1 PANTONE Color Cue®2.1 1 9-volt battery 1 soft case 1 wrist strap 1 Getting Started CD

Installing the Battery

A single 9-volt battery powers the PANTONE Color Cue®2.1.

To install the battery, remove the battery compartment cover (located on the bottom of the unit) by pressing down and out on the ridged portion of the cover, sliding the cover out partially and then lifting the cover off the unit.

Based on the illustration, align the terminals in the compartment to ensure a proper connection.

There is a black and white target on the inside of the battery cover. This is a calibration check target. Do not damage, dirty or leave this target in direct sunlight.

The Color Cue®2.1 checks the voltage level of the battery during each measurement. When the voltage is too low for an accurate measurement, a Low Battery message will appear on the display.

You can also check the battery power level manually (see Utilities, Power).

Turning the Color Cue®2.1 On and Off

To turn the power on, press the Power button until notices appear in the Color Cue®2.1 display. Please note that the Color Cue®2.1 will turn off automatically after five minutes of non-operation.

When the PANTONE Color Cue®2.1 is turned on, it will perform a series of self-tests. Pressing the menu key will pause the screen currently displayed; pressing the menu key again will continue the start-up cycle.

The length of time the PANTONE Color Cue®2.1 screen is displayed is dependent upon the PANTONE Library selected and number of saved colors.

The Color Cue®2.1 will automatically enter a power management state after two minutes of inactivity. Any keystroke will reactivate the unit. The unit will automatically turn off after five minutes of inactivity and will save all user preferences.

PANTONE Color Cue®2.1 User Manual

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