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The Rotunda Times


November Show & Tell:

rick or reat by Bill Timoszyk

ur November show and tell was a real Trick and/or Treat evening!

Mark Sapienz brought in a 1977 poster of actress Farah Fawcett that was a promo giveaway when you took a new Ford for a test drive. A real treat!

Bob Haas showed a real old wood working tool that was a trick to figure out. Nobody could. It was a hinge gouge,

Phil Lyon: 1966 Ford wagon brochure and the Club owned 1946 “ Ford Mechanical Training Course” for Ford dealers.

used to route out wood for recessed door hinges.

Farah still looks good!

Other tools: Roger Hodyka brought in a large puller and Harry McAullife an early Ford king pin reamer.

Training course & brocure brought in by Phil Lyon. Members Bozgen and Mulligan: Copy of the new book

Next month please remember to bring a toy for the Toys for Tots.

“Ford F Series” .

New Ford truck book.

Cole Grandy: e neatest circa 1961 toys -- a “Rolling Acres” barn / silo and a red Tonka redi-mix truck, And...... a photo of him playing with them on Christmas morning 1961. Neat pieces. Cole also brought in an old table top head bust of Henry Ford.

  • e bust was created by

Irving R. Bacon, who was hired by Henry Ford in 1915 and was known as the “court painter”.

A Visit to Stonegate Farm by Don Olson

n November 2 I toured the Stonegate Farm which is west and a little south of Lapeer, and is owned by Diane Flis-Schneider. Diane’s former husband was employed with the Ford Motor Company and was in charge of Lincoln Mercury dealers. eir barn is in the “Dream Garage” book that came out about one year ago. ere are actually 3 barns plus a Train Caboose. O

I have never seen as many of the rare Orchard, Vinyard and Grove tractorss in one place in my life! However, the Neon sign collection is probably the highlight of the Farm.

Now that’s a garage!

Barn toys & a Henry Ford head bust.

Diane said she would love to have the Ford and Mercury Restorers Club come to visit the collection. ere are also many cars, trucks, barber shop, kitchen, gas stations, gas pumps and tons of neat memorabilia. Sounds like we should go there soon!

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