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The Rotunda Times

November 2008

FMRCOA Meeting Minutes November 5, 2008

A r t b e g a n t h e m e e t i n g a t 7 : 3 0 s h a r p . A f t e r s o m e c o n f u s i o n , t h i s w i l l b e t h e s u m m e r a n d w i n t e meeting time from here on out. As usual, the Club purpose was stated by Art. r

be another tour in the offing.

Mike didn’t think he had enough to do, so he is going to be selling five gallon buckets for three bucks a pop. e proceeds will go toward the charity of our choice.

Jim Crawford asked that all new members forward him their E-mail address.

  • ose of you who have signed up for Holiday Nights

remember the date: December 13th. Another important date to remember is the 17th of January. is will be our annual dinner dance at the St. Mary Cultural Center near 6 Mile and Merriman in Livonia.

Our TOYS for TOTS collection will take place at our next meeting, so remember to bring in a toy or toys (not wrapped). You will get a ticket for your chance at a prize.

  • ere was a nice article in INCAT Magazine about the

Club’s efforts for TOYS for TOTS (see page 1).

We are continuing our efforts to get the Rotunda Times to everyone at the same time. ey are all mailed simultaneously.

  • ere was some car talk, a good Show and Tell, a drawing,

and a joke by our resident clown.

Phil Lyon, Secretary

Looks like these guys never ate before!

Guests were introduced. Tom Gherringer has a 1934 Ford and a Model BB. Roxanne Fontana and Mike McLennan were welcomed as new members, and several badges were handed out.

We also welcomed our new Recording Secretary, Beth Marschner. She will help the half deaf old guy get all the necessary details from the meeting into the minutes. A big thanks from Phil!

Steve’s Treasurer’s report was read and accepted by the Club. Last month’s meeting minutes were also accepted.

  • ere was some discussion about changes in cost for the

meeting hall. ere are about 30 members who do not stay for the food. at will be further negotiated.

Terry reported that the membership now stands at a total of 353.

Condolences were offered to Mike on the loss of his dad, former member of long standing, Al Fontana (see page

  • 9)


    • anks to Mike for setting up the nice garage crawl to

Jack Krompatic’s and Alex Attard’s place. ere was a third stop planned, and a few attended -- but there will

Looks like Phil is deep in thought sitting next to Beth Marschner, our new Recording Secretary.

Roxanne Fontana gets her Mem- ber’s badge at the November Meeting. Welcome Rox!

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