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Please Note: Assignments are expected to be turned in on time, at the beginning of the class period it is due. Late assignments are penalized by a letter grade per day; unless, arrangements have been with the instructor.

Course Assignments:

Reaction Papers (30% of overall grade):  

A.  The purpose of the reaction paper is to provide you with the opportunity to think about and reflect upon the theories being discussed.  Please do not provide a summary of what you have read.  Your focus is to be on your reaction to the chapters, class discussions and presentations about these theories.  The reaction paper is to discuss what you think about some of the key elements of the theories (ie. view of human nature, nature of counseling relationship, counseling goals and techniques, etc.) and which of these element(s) you see yourself incorporating into your practice and why.

B.  Your papers should reflect quality writing skills:  write directly and informally, yet write in standard English.  Use complete sentences, characterized by well developed grammar and syntax. Please use a standard introduction, body and summary in all written work to be graded in this course.

C. Writing the first reaction paper:  This paper focuses on the counselor as a person. The focus therefore is on your values, philosophy of life, and view of clients and how these will impact your professional practice, effectiveness, and ethics.  This first reaction paper should focus on you as a practitioner. Focus your thoughts on how you will practice and on your reactions to the ethical dilemmas that you may face.

Corey devotes considerable discussion to personal characteristics of effective counselors, as well as the counselor’s characteristics, strengths, values, beliefs, and past experiences that might facilitate, impede or obstruct one’s ability to effectively work with clients in a counseling relationship.  This first reaction paper should address these characteristics as well as some of the “Issues Faced by Beginning Counselors” that are particularly meaningful or relevant to you.  What have you discovered, realized, learned about yourself, as a potential new counseling professional as a result of reading and reflecting on these first chapters and the in-class activities and discussions. Your first reaction paper is due on February 1, 2010.

D.  Writing your reactions to the theories (Corey, chapters 4-14): each paper should focus on your reaction to a particular theoretical perspectives and how these theories have affected your personal self-understanding in a number of the following areas:

1. The theorist(s) view of human nature - your reflections on how these theorists view human behavior.

2. The therapeutic goals - your reflections on whether you feel these are valuable, realistic and attainable.

3. The functions and role of the therapist – your reflections on how and if these roles fit with your personality and anticipated professional style of practice.


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