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4. The client’s roles (what is expected of the client) – your reflections on whether these fit with your expectations for the clients you see yourself working with.

5. The major techniques and methods (or lack there of) – and your reflections on these techniques.

6. Your evaluation of the approaches – your reflections on the limitations, contributions, aspects you like most and least about the theories you are discussing.

Note:  please do not simply summarize the theory and turn it in as a reaction paper…these papers should focus on your reflections regarding a particular theory or theories in terms of any of the above mentioned areas. Three theory reaction papers will be due throughout the course of the semester. Due dates for the three theory reaction papers are articulated in the course schedule below.

Theory Presentation Project (20% of overall grade):

Students will work in teams or pairs and present a specific counseling theory of their choice, (goals, process, techniques, and language). Scheduling, formation of teams/pairs, and choosing of theories will be discussed during the second class.  Grades will be based, in part, upon in-class evaluations and feedback by peers.  These evaluations address the groups’ preparedness and the extent to which they demonstrate the techniques, roles, and functions that characterize the specific theoretical approach.  Your presentations are important, not only because they are evaluations of your in-depth understanding of a particular theory, but also because they will help you and your colleagues better understand these theories.

Presentations will include:


a “live” role-play of a 5 minute counseling session in action. The session will be followed by a 5 minute discussion/explanation of the session with classmates, led by the presenters.


an outline of key information about the theory for the class to use as a study aid to assist them in their understanding of the theory.


a professional level presentation with focus on helping the class understand the theory.  It is not expected to be a lecture or review of the text but the use of activities, demonstration and discussion to facilitate the class understanding of the theory being presented.

*Approximately 30 minutes of class time used for this entire presentation.

Personal Counseling Theory Paper (30% of overall grade):

This paper will be a (8-10 page, double-spaced), statement of your chosen philosophical orientation and approach to counseling.

The Personal Counseling Theory Paper will include the name of the counseling theory you have chosen and an explanation of:


the philosophical paradigm or view of human nature


the function and role of the counselor


the client’s function or role in the counseling process


the goals, objectives or outcomes of the counseling process


the nature of the counseling relationship with clients


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