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HMASRS property is basically represented by a unity of property, which is established both

above and registration

below the ground that could be owned by of apartment unit could not be separately done

more than a person. with the registration of

Thus, the land parcel.

Figure 1

Bandung Electronic Centre (BEC)

F o r v i s u a l i z i n g t h e p h y s i c a l s t a t e o f H M A S R S p r o p e r t y , t h e m e t h o d o f r e g i s t r a t i o n o f 3 D physical objects, which is originated from Hybrid Cadastre Method, is utilized. By

employment of this method, the geometrical shape and position of each HMASRS property objects could be depicted, including the collective ones, as well as every subject that benefited from HMASRS property. Another advantage of employment of this method is that the ownership and 3D space utilization could be visualized within an integrated cadastral map.

4.2 Cadastral Object Registration Analysis

Using the common 2D object registration, the physical boundary of apartment unit could only be represented within its floor plan. By implementing 3D cadastral object registration, the physical boundary of apartment unit could be represented with other apartment units that are located at different floor from the apartment unit in question. See Figure 2 for the comparison of apartment unit registration in 2D and 3D. See also Figure 3 for the 3D visualization of an apartment unit in BEC.

TS 4D – SDI in Support of Real Estate Markets S. Hendriatiningsih, Irawan Soemarto, Bambang Edhie Laksono, Iwan Kurniawan, Novi Kristina Dewi, Nanin Soegito Improvement of Property Tax Office's Spatial Data Security through Spatial Database Redesign


Strategic Integration of Surveying Services FIG Working Week 2007 Hong Kong SAR, China, 13-17 May 2007

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