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Lyn Hejinian’s work increasingly explores poetry’s relation to knowledge ... But rather than abstract frameworks one finds in this book ... coyotes, geese, didactic asides, horses, philosophical anecdotes, hawks, intercourse, wasps, Russian Formalist liter- ary terms, goats, pigs, ravens and a great deal of urinating. It is through this particularity that Hejinian invents a poetic pedagogy ... at home with its foreignness to itself, poised both to topple and attain intellectual authority, happily open to its lack of totalizing system ... Situating her project more broadly within intellectual history, she writes: ‘Digressing in a didactic tale will teach one to digress.’ And digression, in all of its entertaining modes-- the anecdote, the interpolated comment, the sudden shift of attention—is the displaced center of A Border Comedy. —The Poetry Project Newsletter

H E J I N I A N h a s p u b l i s h e d LYN HEJINIAN is a poet, essay- ist, and translator. Published collections of her writing include Writing is An Aid to Memory, My Life, The Cell, The Cold of Poetry (all published by Sun & Moon), Oxota: A Short Russian Novel (The Figures), Leningrad (written in collabo- ration with Michael Davidson, Ron Silliman, and Barrett Watten) and The Language of Inquiry (The University of California Press). From 1976- 1984 Hejinian was the editor of Tuumba Press and since 1981 she has been the co-editor (with Barrett Watten) of Poetics Journal. She is also the co-director (with Travis Ortiz) of Atelos, a literary project commissioning and publishing cross-genre work by poets. Her collaborative projects include a work entitled The Traveler and the Hill and the Hill created with the painter Emilie Clark (Granary Books, 1998). In 2000 Hejinian received the Academy of American Poets’ James Merrill Award. a c a r e e r s w o r t h o f v i r t u o s i c l o n g p o e m s . . . T h i s b o o k h a s t h e f e e l o f a c a r e e r m i l e s t o n e , o n e t h a t b o o k s e l l e r s c a n p r e s s u p o n t h e c u r i o u s b u t i n t i m i d a t e d . Publishers Weekly

Poetry • 2001 • ISBN 1-887123-37-7 • $15.95 PB • 6" x 9" • 218 pp


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