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NITE SOIL Kenward Elmslie Poetry • 2000 • ISBN 1-887123-39-3 • $27.50 • 5" x 7" • 41 cards

Nite Soil is a huge cycle of collages interspersed with accompa- nying text. Kenward Elmslie, a renowned poet and librettist, has created 41 original postcard collages inspired by his long poem that bears the same title. Elmslie’s collages are, just as much as his poems, extremely passionate, innovative and lyrical.

KENWARD ELMSLIE’S many poetry books include Circus Nerves and Motor Disturbance, which won a Frank O’Hara award.

“HANDS DOWN, my favorite contemporary poet.”

  • Michael Silverblatt,

host of NPR's “Book Worm”

CYBERSPACE Kenward Elmslie and Trevor Winkfield

Poetry • 2000 • ISBN 1-887123-33-4 • $19.95 PB • 9 1/2" x 8 1/2" • 48 pp

Cyberspace was created in a millennial visionary frenzy by two confirmed Luddites on the cusp of Y2K. Time keeps the world from happening all at once yet in Cyberspace we are yanked into the rabbit-hole and steam-rollered by a strange-yet-familiar cosmos of simultaneity: absurd, serious, musical, noisy, cartoony, colorful, witty, satirical, theatrical and deep. Winkfield’s mid-maelstrom collages are illuminated by the torch of Elmslie’s brilliant reinvention of the English language.

KENWARD ELMSLIE’S many poetry books include Circus Nerves and Motor Disturbance. He has written six opera librettos, including Lizzie Borden, and the book and lyrics for the Broadway musical The Grass Harp.

TREVOR WINKFIELD’S most recent solo exhibition was at Tibor de Nagy Gallery in 2002. He is the author of In The Scissors' Courtyard: Selected Writings 1967-75 (Bamberger Books 1994).


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