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Draft Paper – Not to be cited without author’s permission

WTO rules and the latest EU and US demands will result in cultural, environmental, and social costs that cannot be measured by “domestic support formulas.” While only 10% of the world’s agricultural production enters international trade, the imposition of the WTO on agricultural policies threatens to preclude a democratic peaceful world for current and future generations

In May 2004, CPE and NFFC, along with Via Campesina, ROPPA, and other organizations launched an international campaign to change the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) so that it is in line with people’s food sovereignty. The US Farm Bill must also embrace food sovereignty, and, likewise, reflect the importance of sustainable family farming at home and abroad.

We, CPE and NFFC, declare that the EU needs a new Common Agricultural Policy and the US needs a new Farm Bill based on food sovereignty and sustainable family farming, as follows:

  • Remunerative farm prices related to production costs rather than a reliance on income from government payments,

  • Supply management on an international, national, and regional level. This will include the necessity of excluding cheap imports that threaten price support and supply management mechanisms,

  • Suppression of any form of subsidies for export or those intended to encourage production for export,

  • A public support system, which ensures the maintenance of agricultural production in less favored areas, develops socially and environmentally sustainable, sound production methods, and local processing and retailing of products,

  • Structural measures that halt and reverse the concentration of production in large factory farms, including industrial livestock factories that are devastating the countryside,

  • Give priority to the entry of young farmers into agriculture.


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