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engine stay firmly planted on the ground. The Auto Moto features the latest variant of the 150cc GY6 engine, which is the most reliable scooter engine ever designed. The Auto Moto is extremely unique, featuring an attention-grabbing cab which seats two, has a full roof and windshield, and an audio input to connect your iPod or MP3 player to the integrated stereo system. The vehicle boasts a fuel efficiency of 83 mpg with a 2.1 gallon gas tank, which means a range of approximately 160 miles on one fill. The Auto Moto is truly the next generation in travel.

Fuel Savings Analysis

Using the figure that an average delivery driver travels about 75 miles per day, a driver can expect to travel roughly 25,000 miles a year doing deliveries. If the vehicle being driven gets approximately 20 miles per gallon and the aver- age price of gas is $3.00 per gallon, fuel costs can be upwards of $3,750 a year. Now substitute that vehicle with The Auto Moto, which gets approximately 83 miles per gallon, and the fuel costs drop to about $904 a year, a savings of about $2,850 annually. This means that The Auto Moto, with an MSRP of $3,800, would pay for itself in less than a year and a half from the fuel savings alone. When taking into account very low insurance premiums and the low cost of maintenance, the savings will increase even further.

Why is The Auto Moto the Best Solution?

The Auto Moto will significantly reduce travel time when making deliveries. The Auto Moto can split lanes in heavy traffic, as it is only 2 ½ feet wide (which can fit through a standard size doorway). Upon arrival at the destination in an expedient manner, The Auto Moto can be parked just about anywhere due to its slim profile. Such efficiency is crucial in the fast paced delivery world. With The Auto Moto in your delivery fleet, a prompt delivery can be confi- dently assured to a consumer.

The Auto Moto’s unique design and ability to wrap large portions of the vehicle with decorative vinyl make for a great branding opportunity. The Auto Moto is an incredibly memorable vehicle, and when branded, will create an incredibly memorable brand. The Auto Moto is sure to provide any delivery or courier company with a mode of transportation that is both efficient and one of a kind.

Most importantly, The Auto Moto gets a whopping 83 miles per gallon. Seeing as an average delivery driver travels about 75 to 100 miles in a day, The Auto Moto would only burn through roughly one gallon of gasoline a day. This incredible fuel efficiency will eventually lead to The Auto Moto paying for itself in fuel savings. And at only $3,800 MSRP, an entire fleet of these vehicles can be purchased at the price of only one standard delivery car, meaning less initial investment cost.

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