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offices.  SMCRA organizations with representation in the NCMGC include the Interstate Mining Compact Commission (IMCC), National Association of Abandoned Mine Lands Programs (NAAMLP), and the Western Interstate Energy Board (WIEB).

The NCMGC will develop a national strategy for implementing and promoting the use of geospatial technology within the SMCRA community; provide solutions to problems affecting implementation of enterprise Geographic Information System (GIS) within OSM; and identify geospatial activities, policies, standards, and products that will increase the effectiveness and efficiencies of organizations working on SMCRA-related projects on a national scale.  The committee will assess the need for geospatial resources to support all regulatory aspects of mining and reclamation activities and the availability of geospatial information, systems, and expertise. The committee will evaluate the gap between the requirements, information holdings, system capabilities and expertise; identify critical geospatial tools and services for federal, state, and tribal managers and staff; facilitate improved interoperability and sharing of geospatial resources; and will help to coordinate federal geospatial resources and initiatives relevant to national requirements.

Specifically, the committee will examine SMCRA business processes for application of geospatial technology, and facilitate sharing of geospatial technologies to support implementation of SMCRA.  The committee will recommend guidance in reengineering business processes across the SMCRA community to gain efficiency and benefit from today’s geospatial automation technology.  The overall objective of the committee is to ensure that scientifically sound geospatial data, spatial information products, technology applications, and services are provided in an efficient and cost effective manner to the SMCRA user community for use in minimizing risk and improving regulatory decision-making relevant to surface coal mining and reclamation operations.

NCMGC Accomplishments in FY 2006

The FY 2006 accomplishments include holding the first meeting to plan work activities; determining geospatial technology development status among all SMCRA organizations; establishing a Geospatial Data Steward within each SMCRA organization; conducting the first National Meeting of SMCRA Geospatial Data Stewards; identifying geospatial technology development needs of SMCRA organizations for FY 2007; establishing a Coal Mining Spatial Data Standards ASTM Task Group from Geospatial Data Stewards offering to help develop voluntary standards for exchanging coal mining spatial data; conducting the first meeting of this task group at ASTM headquarters; obtaining vendor software training for a few qualified Geospatial Data Stewards in managing coal mining geospatial data in an enterprise environment; and successful first steps in a "proof of concept" effort to develop a geospatial infrastructure to exchange selected coal mining spatial datasets between two networked servers inside OSM's Wide Area Network (WAN).  These activities of the NCMGC support the goals of the President's Management Agenda in the expansion of e-Government to reduce redundancy; facilitate horizontal (cross-federal) and vertical (federal, state and local) information sharing; establish a direct relationship between IT and mission/program performance to support citizen-centered, customer-focused government; and maximize IT investments to better achieve mission outcomes.

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